Car Parking Shed Roofing Materials

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Car parking Roofing services in Chennai

 People suffers a lot especially with cars..  Don’t get me wrong.. Problem is not with the car exactly but the roof or the shed they have. People who never spend money for car roofing probably face the consequences from sunlight heat, birds wastage, dust etc.,

Roof Materials:

  •  Asphalt Shingles
  •  Metal Roofing
  •  Clay and Concrete Tiles
  •  Slate
  •  Synthetic Roofing Products
  •  Wood Shingles and Shake

Which roof material suits for Car Parking ?

 Here are the roofing shed material used for car parking. They are,

Three-tab shingles

  1.  Its one of the cheap and  best choice for a best shed roof.
  2.  Easy to install & It gives you the option for best do-it-yourself(DIY) generally include warranty coverage maximum of 30 years.
  3. Flat look three tab shingles not suitable for architectural shingles.

Architectural shingles

  1.  It works on two or more layers of asphalt laminated combined together.
  2. Its heavier when compare with three-tab shingles.
  3. It holds lifetime warranties like Three tab shingles.
  4. Architectural shingles are used widely due to the color & texture to a roof. Its one of the generally used residential structures.
  5. Cost of this materials are more expensive than Three-tab shingles. But it has a appreciate lifetime.

Cedar shakes:

  1.  The major advantage of cedar is, it helps in UV damage & insects.
  2.  If you maintained  it well, it gives you 35 years of life.
  3.  As its having traditional, superb look which attracts many customers.
  4.  The headache here is the price rate of cedar shakes. Yeah, its plays double the cost of asphalt shingles.


  1.  Its a simple, lightweight, durable & lasts longer material.
  2.  Metal roofing won’t rust & are extremely resistant.
  3.  It remain watertight in wind rain in the measure of 110 miles/hour, recent laboratory tests says.
  4.  When you looking for quality & long lasting material, i would recommend metal roofing because they are warranted for more than fifty years.
  5. By the same time, cost is high.

Seeing quality driven, well serviced roofing contractors are little rare in Chennai. Gkm Roofing is one of the finest organization among them for your home, industrial roofing solutions and repair problems. What are the advantages of metal roofing.

Gkm Roofing Contractors

 They do car parking shed roof services to homes as well as Factory,  Industrial places. Quality, durable roof materials are being used to deliver a high class Roofing services from leading Roofing companies in Chennai.
Gkm Roofing take over and accomplish the project on time. Single car parking, multi vehicle parking also can be done. Apart from that , do you know which kind of roofing material will be good for a perfect Car parking Shed. Let’s go and get to know the details.

What to focus in a Roofing Material ?

 1) Is it too overwhelming for the current rooftop confining?
2) To what extent will it last?
3) Will the look supplement the style of the house?
4) Does it hold up amid common calamities, for example, out of control fires or typhoons?
5) Are the materials eco-accommodating and recyclable?
6) Does the rooftop have enough incline?
7) Is the kind of material permitted by nearby construction laws?
8) Lastly, what amount does it cost?

Roofing Charges for Car Parking Shed

 Although many types of roofing products available,  you have to be clear about the requirements which is really needed. You don’t need be a roofing expert but you try to know the basic info about the car shed roof services, charges, product materials.

1) Prices are based on the overall Space/Square feet (sq.ft)
2) It depends upon the material you choose.

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